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As others have said:

Stick with one or the other for your drive/ts backhand. The motions and mechanics of the two shots are fairly different. Using both a 2hbh and a 1hbh is not something I see much in the pros (Tsonga being the exception I can think of – but does it really help him?).

A 2hbh can work on wide shots. Most folks need to learn to the footwork to hit them (I know I have), it just doesn’t happen. There are times you’ll be forced to hit open stance in order to defend the corners. The wide shots are admittedly harder with a two hander, but that’s balanced by its other advantages. A one hander has different tradeoffs. Pick your poison and then go with it.

Low over the net is generally not what you’re after for your drive/ts shot. You want to get some ts on the shot just like on the fh to give yourself margin and to give your ball action on the other side. Also, if you’re able to keep it in without ts then there’s likely room for you to add pace to the shot.

I think players with a 2hbh should add a one handed slice – especially important to deal with short, low balls and for approaches.
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