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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
No break in required for me. Its good from the word go.
I think you are right, but what I notice is when you first come back to BM you have to adjust. Plus the string naturally will lose some tension after that first session as well. So that break in period will probably be a lot less noticeable the more I use the string.

Everything you are saying is in line with me though. I notice that you need to commit to the shots and this string is not for tentative strokes. I believe that this is a string that can die 5-6 hours, but for me it lasts 8-10. Maybe this is because I string in the low 40s.

Regardless I am going to have to simply spend time between the BM and polybreak, but I have more confidence to hit out with the BM right now. the control I have with this string is noticeably better.

I think if you use poly you should be stringing once a week. If you can not do that, dont use full poly. It is not a string that lasts forever.
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