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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
This makes me wonder about that 400,000 number. We're told that smoking is incredibly dangerous and lessens your expected lifespan by something like 14 years. Yet, a lot societies that puff away like chimneys are outliving Americans who have cut way back on smoking.

Imagine how long the Japanese would live if they didn't smoke. Something doesn't add up.
Imagine how old the average American could become if:
- better healthcare
- better work conditions, e.g. dismissal protection, more paid holidays etc. (stress reducing!!)
- lower amount of obese people

Japanese people live quite long because of exeptional good and healthy nutrition. The same happens in Italy. And the Italians are heavy smokers, too. But they eat decent stuff, they move their asses way more than Americans or Germans and their society does function well: very few singles, high birthrate, good family bondings. It's proven that people living in an extended family are more satisfied with their life and live longer than others.

OMG, I'm gonna die soon: no kids, single child, parents living more than 300 miles away... ... and I smoke...
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