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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Lendl made 1st serves on 9 of 10 break points vs Tanner at '83 Wimbledon. And he served a 2nd serve ace after the only 1st serve he missed down break point. Wasn't broken in the match.
I'll add it to the list. I've always been surprised at how well Lendl played in this match, considering this was still a couple of years before his peak years. And this was on grass. We all think of Lendl as becoming a good grasscourter only after he hired Roche in '85, but everything he did in this Tanner match was off the charts.

Served at 75%. Not broken once. Served 11 aces, including 3 on second serve. Won 78 of 116 at net, per your count (67%), coming in behind all his serves. You counted just 5 unforced errors by him, with none in the long first set.

In the last game of the first set Tanner pushed him to 7 deuces but Lendl made 17 of 20 first serves (85%). And as Tanner said, "‘He didn’t just put the first one in. He hit it.’’

Tanner kept hitting winners in that game, which he was definitely capable of doing when he was dialed in. But he ended up 0 for 10 on break point conversion. That's the lowest mark I can recall seeing anywhere.

Now that stat makes more sense. On 10 break points, Tanner got to see a second serve only once -- and he couldn't even get his racquet on it.

Question for Moose or anyone else: do you know of any break point conversion lower than Tanner's 0-for-10?
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