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Server I agree. The AMOLED screen looks oversaturated to me, which is why I picked the OneX in June over the S3. And the articles posted reinforce what we are saying. It is not like we are being sheep or phanboys. Alo think Windows has a shot to compete with iOS due to their mobile OS. People will demand across the board OS updates and uniformity more and more.

GP,I never really commented on the photos that much to be honest. I also never said it was 3 times faster than anything else, I am just saying that when we loaded apps like facebook side by side (on the same wifi connection), the i5 smoked it. I also posted benchmark tests showing how fast the i5 is. It currently, truly is, the fastest phone out there.

And I would be willing to bet $$ my phone is not going anywhere. As much as I love phones and tech I usually keep them throughout the life of a contract. This early switch just happened as a perfect storm of me being fed up with the droid phone and the horribly bad service and reception of sprint. I hope no one is lured in by their unlimited data because unlimited data plans simply = "our data coverage is very bad so we will give you as much as you want".

But yeah hit me up if you want to play. The only reason I ever tell people to come meet me or whatever is because I know in person things are way different. People get along and usually have a great time hitting. I have hit with many people from TT and it is always a blast.
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