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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post's because of some of your claims like is 3 times faster than everything's not. It is no faster than anything else. My wife and daughters are certainly no quicker than my S3.

The camera on my S3 takes amazing pics less quality then our two I5's. Yet you act as if the quality is like comparing an old Polaroid to the latest digital.

I'm in Ft Myers. Heading back on Wednesday. Next time I'm down I'll hit you up and we can play some. Orlando is about a 3 hour drive though...might be worth it...your iPhone will probably be in the trash can by then!!! Ha
Yes exactly.

I5 freaks (P.P. for example, I wouldn't put BigServer in this category) can only talk about subjective criteria of how the iPhone outclasses Android. Even if all those are true, there are still objective, prime facie, factual characteristics that are simply not available on the Iphone5 but have been on Android for years

Yet instead of further innovating, Apple decides to sue its competitors. We'll see what happens when Google, who now owns Motorola (which started most of this whole mobile phone thing), sues Apple...
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