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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Sidespin is a lot less obvious on t.v.
When I was at the Indian Wells semi's and finals this year I saw Djoko/Fed/Nadal/Isner all using a lot of sidespin and if you recall I came back after those matches and posted here that I was surprised at how much sidespin they use and I wasn't referring only to the 'amount' of sidespin but also the appearance of intention. It wasn't just dtl or i/o as that is obvious. There were a lot of points especially on extended rallies where all of a sudden they would throw one in with sidespin and each time the crowd would go 'oooohhh' because they noticed it. Sometimes fed or djoko would have a whole rally where every fh had noticeable sidespin. Then other rallies w/ no sidespin. He would also have clockwise sidespin for a few shots and then changed it counterclockwise for the next few etc. It was quite noticeable which leads me to think it was intentional.
It's possible that at the top levels there is intention to create sidespin, on occasion. When I hit a forehand, I think only topspin, yet I see the ball break from the straight path frequently. I know what makes it happen, so I can certainly do so intentionally if I want, but I don't know if that would benefit me any...
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