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Default Which arm do you start the service motion with?

Which arm do you start the service motion with?
The tossing arm or the racket arm?

I find that a need some sorta of "trigger" to activate my service motion
I can't bring both my racket arm and tossing arm in unison
It has to be one or the other
In other words I think "toss then hit" or swing then toss"

1) i initiate the service motion by tossing the ball up before my other arm brings the racket back usually it's a higher toss and my racket arm needs extra time to hit the ball
2)sometimes I initiate the service motion with my racket arm going back first then my tossing arm gets involved
my racket arm motion is smooth and I don't have a slight delay in the trophy position like in the 1st example but my toss has to perfect and not as high
Each motion has its own special rhythm and need help in deciding which motion to stick with

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