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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
It was only a matter of time before hi10spro appears in this thread. lol.
ho, sorry. didn't know about this hi10spro business. i don't really get it..
they have many videos, don't they?.. so what should i make of them?
don't want to derail but i'll be glad to be told how to look for 'legit' ntrp video levels. this is very interesting.

anyway, what i DID see in the OP videos is mainly the things I MYSELF lack, which is strategy. i may have decent technique and good leg work, but i just cannot get myself to THINK about strategy. only when i control the match and i have 'time' to think about it. but mostly i'm too busy on producing deep effective shots, otherwise better players just eat me... maybe that's what 4.5+ levels are all about, not the 'looks' but the game plan?
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