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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Sidespin is a lot less obvious on t.v.
When I was at the Indian Wells semi's and finals this year I saw Djoko/Fed/Nadal/Isner all using a lot of sidespin and if you recall I came back after those matches and posted here that I was surprised at how much sidespin they use and I wasn't referring only to the 'amount' of sidespin but also the appearance of intention.
Look, imo you are missing the subtle pt on this.
I'm sure not here denying the side aspect to pro TS. I'm on here posting how it
is here and strong evidence of how the pros work across the ball on their strokes.

I think I've been pretty clear in saying imo, but imo this is something they mostly
expect and account for, and likely don't try to adjust their stroke to get it.
IMO they know where- they will get what- with their shot and pick accordingly.
IMO they are looking at the court and saying I want to go here with X pace
and this is my stroke that fits that overall shape of the shot bests.

IMO they don't think, "if i can just work across a bit stronger, I can get a
better curve to the right away from his Bh"
and work that as primary intent for
the shot. I don't think a touring pro goes to his coach and says, I need my Fh
to tail away more, but instead his I/O has an amount of tailing away that he
knows and expects to be there as part of his stroke mechanics.
That same pro may notice the opp's Bh struggles with his normal I/O tailing off,
and go to that shot more, But IMO he should not try to adjust his shot to max
the effect, and rather just stay with his grooved stroke.
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