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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Just wanted to point out that his 5.0 rating was from a pretty long time ago. He played almost all doubles in Hawaii section with an ok record. His last singles USTA match was about 10 years ago. He doesn't have any competitive match play record in the last 5-6 years or so.

I would say it is safe to say that his current rating in Singles is probably not 5.0. He was one at one point. At the time he made the videos, I would have my doubts. If he entered an open tournament stateside that had a big draw (32+) I am not sure how well he would do.

I don't see what the big deal is- someone asked for an opinion on video ratings and what did you expect ? Everyone to agree? Like I said earlier that videos for rec players in the 3.5-4.5 range don't mean that much since their are so many other factors that go into winning than how you look on camera. We are all making a guess on limited information. Calling these players 3.5 and 4.0 is no more being a "hero" than calling them definite 4.5s or whatever is it?
There is no big deal. I really don't care what rating somebody gives some random men playing tennis on youtube.
My problem is with statements that are not supported by videos, arguments, or even something that can pass for "game analysis"/obvious tennis knowledge. My problem is with lack of logic.
NTRP rating threads seem to gather the kind of crowd that one usually finds in the general pro discussion section in Federer versus Nadal threads (i.e. kids with no critical thinking, or adults who know little about tennis but have strong opinions about everything tennis related, starting with how Murray sucks at playing tennis, and Nadal is a pusher...or vice-versa).

I repeat, "I would beat them and I'm a 3.5"...or "all the 4.0's in my area would destroy them" are not arguments...they are just stupid statements from people who don't know what they are actually seeing. On video OR in real life.
These are the same kind of people who think their buddy who plays 4.5 would take sets from Radwanska, who's top 5 in the WTA...while those same 4.5 buddies would probably be beaten by retired Martina Hingis, drunk and playing with her left hand.


P.S. I agree that the hi10spro guy's current rating might very well be significantly below 5.0, but my point was that there was a debate about his rating a long time ago, statements were being made about him being a 3.5...etc (everything that one can see in this thread as well), and yet, it was proven with facts...that he did in fact play 5.0. years later he may not play competitively anymore...and he may not be a 5.0 anymore, but that's irrelevant to the heated discussions in the past that I was mentioning.
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