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So I've had a couple of outings now with the Melbourne. Played for 4 hours last Thursday and then for 2.5 hours today. I had a chance to play around with string setups and have come to a few conclusions.

First, I gotta say, you get out of this racquet what you put in. I have really enjoyed not worrying about my racquet. The Melbourne's power level has been a great match for my game. And it's been a fantastic transition from the Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16x18. Topspin has been the biggest surprise, and it's only gotten better since I played around with string setups.

I have four Melbourne's strung up. The first two have a full bed of Synthetic Gut at 55 lbs. I strung up the other two yesterday.

1st setup: Poly cross at 57 and a Synthetic Main at 60.

2nd setup: Synthetic cross at 60 and Poly Main at 57.

I preferred both these setups to the Full bed of Syn Gut. They both had more power and spin. The extra power was nicely offset by the extra topspin I was able to generate. However, the 1st setup was my favorite as it generated the most topspin and my hitting partner felt like I was just hitting a much heavier ball. I felt like I had more control as well on half volleys and I was able to hit short low balls with more pace and confidence.

All in all the honeymoon continues. Serves are getting better. I would like to still tail weight one just to see how it performs.

Note: String that I use is Goldenset Power Cord 17g and Hex Poly 17g for the poly and their Synthetic Gut in 17g.
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