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Originally Posted by basil J View Post
Brian 72 , great to hear that you are enjoying the melbourne. the serve will come and you will find this to be a very "complete" frame. When I struggle with this frame, it is always me. The stick does what you ask of it. When I am playing well, the stick accentuates my game nicely.
Basil, I've got to agree with you. This stick does do what you ask of it. When I hit long, it's because of my crappy footwork.

As for the serve, I've gone from a continental grip to an Eastern Back Hand grip for my topspin serves and the adjustment has increased my consistency quite a bit. Still working on the flat serve. Much prefer just hitting Topspin on first and seconds as my first serve percentage goes way up.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Glad I finally pulled the trigger.
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