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I don't think Azarenka has to defend the AO to prove anything. Even Sampras and Serena needed over two years to win their second major. Djokovic needed three years. She's been solid all year and has handled the pressure much better than Kvitova and Wozniacki. I still think she retires/withdraws a bit too much for my liking, but she actually enjoys hunting and being hunted.
Very true, aditionally, it wasn't like Azarenka was "THAT" particularly far away from winning her second major, she was 5-4 and serving for the match in the third set of the US Open.

It's true that she came out as the "loser" in this particular encounter but beyond all this, these are pretty much confirmations that Azarenka is definitively one to win plenty more majors in the future.

Who's really there to stop her after Serena ? Sharapova Lol, she eats her for break-fast -- Victoria owns all the field but Serena ; someone would be extremely stupid to bet that she willn't be clinching some many future majors starting from next year. Actually I have a feeling she'll defend her AO title, plexicushion is a surface that suits her game very well.
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