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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Yes exactly.

I5 freaks (P.P. for example, I wouldn't put BigServer in this category) can only talk about subjective criteria of how the iPhone outclasses Android. Even if all those are true, there are still objective, prime facie, factual characteristics that are simply not available on the Iphone5 but have been on Android for years

Yet instead of further innovating, Apple decides to sue its competitors. We'll see what happens when Google, who now owns Motorola (which started most of this whole mobile phone thing), sues Apple...
The lawsuit thing is dumb. I wish Apple/Samsung would both drop it. Steve Jobs himself quoted "Good artists borrow, great artists steal". That should be Samsung's closing argument in court, lol.

It's interesting that you bring up subjective/objective, because that's always how I feel (maybe felt) about Android fans when dissing iPhones. "Well MY phone has a 'faster' processor than your phone" etc. I'm surprised to see this shift in user base (not just in this thread but on BI, Techcrunch, Engaget, CNet, etc.).

Android is in the dominant position now, but the iPhone doing well is good for the mobile phone industry. I'm interested to see Q4 iPhone sales...After all the trash talking, the iPhone 5 set an opening weekend record for sales, eclipsing any other phone release ever. With the holiday season rolling around Apple could easily sell 15 million more iP5s in Q4.

The last thing I'll say, is that I think Apple still is innovating. They released a phone that is thinner and lighter than just about all of it's competitors, yet they made this phone with the fastest benchmarks on the market (barring GSIII international on Jellybean), and better battery life and technology in general than their previous phones. There wasn't anything Apple could have done in the iPhone 5 that would have truly been "innovative". NFC, fingerprint technology, widgets, etc. all could be classified as simply "catching up".

The best example of this I think is battery life. The battery in the iP5 is small in comparison to top Android devices, yet it gets as good or better battery life than nearly every Android phone (exception being the Droid Razr Maxx which was built specifically to be a long life phone). People will say "watered down multitasking" (it's better on iP5 than it was on my HTC running gingerbread, but with multi screen stuff now from Samsung and 4.0+ I'll concede that there are more options there), or "simple OS", but at the end of the day I get 8 hours of SOLID usage, including games, video, music/TV streaming, social media, calling, text, wifi, LTE and location based services. That's amazing considering how "small" the battery is.

While it's easy to say "Apple is just now getting around to things Android has had for years", the reverse is true as well. Only now, with 4.1 Jelly Bean, is Android getting closer to a smooth and error free OS, something that iPhones have had for years. The app development for Android is starting to pull even with Apple after 4 years of existence (iOS apps still typically come first, but the overall app numbers are pretty even)...The day to day usage element of iPhones and iOS has been unrivaled, imo, until now, and even then, it's only 2% of Android devices (many of them tablets) that are running the most up to date OS.

As you've mentioned, for you personally, that didn't matter, and you've had great results with your current phone. For me, it did, and my old phone was awful (even though it was a top Android phone when I bought it) which helped my decision to move over to iOS.
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