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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
True, but quite a few players - especially juniors - try to do it anyway.
Because the junior mentality is usually all about winning. That's why so many fail to transition to being a pro. That's why the % of players with a 1 handed backhand on the tour is better than that in the juniors.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
This is a silly post. Much too black and white. I hit through the ball but still hit with a lot of top. So many ways to hit the ball.

So you saw a guy hit with too much happens. The guy can fix that and hit a little more clean.

Nothing is really overrated in tennis. There are so many variables that to pinpoint just one aspect of the game is small minded.
We're talking about a normally good aspect of tennis taken to an extreme. Obviously, if we asked "is pace or flat shots overrated", we'd probably say yes, especially when compared to topspin, simply based on the argument that topspin is much more consistent, and you're far more likely to win points against evenly skilled opponents with consistency than the fastest visible ball you can hit (I say fastest visible ball because technically according to the rules, if you can't see it, give benefit of the doubt to the opponent, so balls hit at the speed of light will always be winners).
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