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for me

GOAT= a nickname you give a player that you believe will create records so unbreakable that no one in the history of the sport could ever over-take them.

so for me it's Laver because of the 2 "true grandslams" seem so untouchable.

Fed as awesome as he is could not do it.
Rafa has been able to string 3 together but no dice on #4
and red hot winning streak Novak..with a mental edge of being nearly unstoppable could not make the final of the FO.

I am starting to doubt we will see a Grandslam again....much less (2) from the same player.

will we see someone win more than 20 slams? probably
someone win more than 7 times at a single slam? that should probably happen in the next 3 years

Fed's weeks @ #1 is about the strongest stat I think he has and we will see when he's cashed in his chips just what that number will be.
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