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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Look, imo you are missing the subtle pt on this.
I'm sure not here denying the side aspect to pro TS. I'm on here posting how it
is here and strong evidence of how the pros work across the ball on their strokes.

I think I've been pretty clear in saying imo, but imo this is something they mostly
expect and account for, and likely don't try to adjust their stroke to get it.
IMO they know where- they will get what- with their shot and pick accordingly.
I'm not missing any subtle point. I'm stating that I don't think you can say for sure that you know what the pros are thinking.

IMO they are looking at the court and saying I want to go here with X pace and this is my stroke that fits that overall shape of the shot bests. IMO they don't think, "if i can just work across a bit stronger, I can get a better curve to the right away from his Bh" and work that as primary intent for the shot.
Maybe. Maybe not. I think the pros mix up their spins with intent and that would include sidespin. Don't they hit their serves to the same location in the box with the same pace using different spins?

But IMO he should not try to adjust his shot to max the effect, and rather just stay with his grooved stroke
But they adjust their topspin don't they? That implies their grooved stroke has varying levels of spin so why not varying levels of sidespin? Or one could say they have more than one grooved stroke. Spin level and type can also be adjusted by simply positioning your body differently or contact point and using your same 'grooved stroke'.

Trying to use side spin to slide it more away from the opponent imo is more of a rec player intention
Rec players use this intent more most likely i would agree. But it can also be argued that perhaps not trying to adjust his shot and rather just stay with his grooved stroke could be more of a rec player intention and that the pros are working on a different level... especially those at the top of the game.

So I say we can't say for sure unless an actual pro posts here or maybe a coach that works with touring pros who would have direct insight into what a pro might or might not be thinking.
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