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I really liked playing my volkl dnx 10 mids, like you I loved the racket but wanted something a little bigger for defensive reasons more than anything. I tried the Melbourne and once leaded up played well, tried the Legend and with its more extreme spec that made the racket feel more stable. The dense pattern was not a problem, I'm fact the opposite excellent control, great spin, defensively superb, but I lacked confidence in my 1hbh, the hoop being rounder than the volkl, volleys too were ok but not like my volkl. Anyways after an up and down trip with a Yonex 89t, I realised that those skinny volkl frames are for me. My friend was selling a c10 pro I thought id give it a go and it feels like the bigger brother to my dnx mid, leaded up, its 372g and 32cm balance, but its super manoeuvrable like a mid, loving it.
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