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Originally Posted by bt johnson View Post
I am having some problems getting my left foot further in the court on my serve. Any suggestions besides throwing the ball further in the court? All other critiques are welcome as well. Thanks
Why are you against throwing the ball further into the court?

Cause #1
Toss is bad. It's inconsistent and your body is off balance trying to compensate for it. First off, fix your toss. I'm not an expert on tossing as I also suffer from bad tosses.

Cause #2
Your leg action (while you have a good knee bend), is nonexistent. Part of getting your body to land that far into the court is really having your legs explode you up and into the ball. It want to sort of attack the ball with your motion. But all of this is pointless until you fix your toss first.

And I'd rather land closer (if not on) the baseline unless I'm rushing the net. If they hit short, I can get to it anyway. But if they hit deep, I can respond better. I would stumble 2-3 feet forward into the court after hitting a serve because I was also off balance when hitting my serves apparently (though nobody ever really noticed so I never really fixed it until I tried new things aimed at getting my goal of landing cleanly on the baseline).
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