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A guy is playing a round of golf with his buddies at his club while his wife is in the clubhouse playing cards with the rest of the wives. On the 18th hole the guy hits his ball behind a tool shed for the greens keeper. As he's preparing to punch out onto the fairway his caddy tells him "Wait! I'll open the doors on both sides, take a 4 iron and punch a low runner onto the green and you're putting for birdie".

The golfer considers it and pulls out the four iron, places the ball in the back of the stance and hits a sweet low runner which clears the first doors and is about to clear the second set when it nicks the edge, shoots of to the clubhouse, breaks through the window and strikes his wife in the temple killing her instantly.

About a year later the golfer decides it's time to play golf again finds himself on the 18 hole behind the same tool shed. As he's about to punch out the caddy tells him "I'll open both sets of doors, you take a 4 iron and punch a low runner onto the green and save yourself a stroke." The golfer looks at the caddy incredulously and says "Are you crazy?? Last time I tried that shot I got a quadruple bogey!"
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