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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The Organix 10 has a more solid feel -- especially in the upper hoop. It feels modern in its response, whereas the C10 is silkier and more old school in its feel. I would say the Organix 10 is somewhere between a Wilson Six.One 95 and the C10 Pro with a little Tecnifibre 325 thrown in for good measure.

Because of this, I don't find the Organix 10 as string sensitive.

Chris, TW

Thank you for that reply - it hit everything I was hoping to find out. My bro loves the incredibly stable response of the 6.1 95 racquets but struggles with the weight. He tried the C10, really liked it and was thinking of switching to it but wanted to see if there was anything a little less soft and with a little more pop. Kind of in between the two - solid, stable, good power but controllable. Sounds like the Organix 10 might be exactly what he's looking for

Thanks again,

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