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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
This is a fair question by Trengove but I think the best way to answer it is with another question: how can Ivan Lendl be proclaimed the best player of the 1980s when he lost so many big matches to Boris Becker?

Becker won all 4 of his Grand Slam meetings with Lendl in the 80s.
One of the missing rivalries of the 80īs was Mac vs Becker.When Becker reached stardom, Mac started his slow but constant decline.He only had a real good tennis year after 1985, and it was 1989, the year Becker became the premier worldīs player, but except on their famous DC match,they did not play a big match wherever .

Both were the only guys to win 3 Wimbledon titles in the same decade,as long as I can recall.The match of matches at Wimbledon for the decade of the 80īs.
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