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Originally Posted by Lemoned View Post
Now how do we know it was for avoiding Murray, when it can be easily the other way around? LOL
- Murray has played Beijing before, Nole hasn't play Tokyo yet.
Murray was the defending champion in Tokyo which is why he probably chose to play there.

Originally Posted by Lemoned View Post
I don't believe Nole chose Beijing over Tokyo just not to face Murray, nor vice versa. More likely they just picked whichever they wanted to play, and incidentally both are the defending champions respectively.
Djokovic wasn't defending champion in Beijing. He won it in '09 and '10 but didn't play it last year. Berdych won it last year but interestingly chose not to defend his title and played in Tokyo instead.

Originally Posted by Lemoned View Post
Before Olympics and US Open, last time they met Nole was the winner.
He is 2-3 v Murray in match-ups this year, 8-7 overall.
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