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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
But he was doing it in front of his rival, wasn't he?.

I would think he means most of the tour is played on hard courts = favours Fed over Rafa. Something that has been pointed out here as well.
No, he was NOT. do you understand words coming out of my mouth? Rafito stupido was not there.

No he wasn't celebrating in front of his rival. Get some brain please.
really not sure with you Rafa women being so sensitive to how players/their teams are celebrating their victories against Biceps Steroid Punk. Who gives a *****? is Rafa Qeen of England, NO, he is just a Spanish uneducated dude who can somehow play tennis, winning by pushing and griding with zero tennis skills. No, djokovic was not celebrating his victory in front of Rafa's hotel room. womentards being obsessed with Butpicker, are the worst **** base in tennis history. All you know is Rafa's looks and his biceps and your pretentious Rafa can't do wrong *****, he is da best at everything. just pathetic.

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