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Originally Posted by *Val* View Post
Oh right, I thought soft water had fewer 'things' in it as opposed to hard water which has more chemicals/minerals, therefore requiring more washing powder in the wash (since washing powders recommend greater dosage for harder water on the box)

But yeh this is definitely something to think about... though I'd already washed them a fair few times and they had stayed pristine. It seems the other whites in that load also got blue-tinged and turned a little dingy.

Thanks a lot for the response

PS While we're talking laundry do you guys wash nike dri fit socks with softener? Nike specifically recommend no softener for their general gear, though thorlo specifically does recommend it for their socks. Is it okay for socks or still no?
Soft water contains more sodium and potassium but less calcium and magnesium. The addition of those other minerals may be why things turn blue. BTW, I'm just talking about the water itself (which is sometimes treated by municipalities or towns or homes to be softer) and not the addition of a fabric softener in your laundry. In fact, I do not use fabric softener when I do laundry of any kind at all.
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