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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
If Federer had the mindset of Rafa he'd have won more than 7 Wimbledons in his 14 attempts. Federer would have been headed for the greatness of Rafa, as Rafa has won 7 of 8 Roland Garros titles and is on the way to something unbelievable in 5 years time.
Not really if Federer had Rafa's mindset he'd be a different Fed, camped behind the baseline, trying to wear down his opponents instead of attacking. I know what you mean though, if Fed had the same intensity. Perhaps. But you can always play the armchair role and say oh if you had so and so's touch and his agility and his mental strength then HE'D HAVE 10 MORE SLAMS or whatever. It's just talk and doesn't really mean anything (no offense).
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