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Funnily enough I've never hit with the POG OS? I've hit with the OS Radical Yellow and Black and AA's actual stick though, and it seems that some of the older racquets like the pro tour 630 and the radicals that followed it had a lot more flex than the modern day racquets and they have a lovely cushioned, soft feel. I guess the problem with them was a lack of pop and that is something that I am yet to really overcome with my pt57a's on serve, there just isn't that big pop on the first serve like there is with say a pt57e that is stiffer.

Once we start talking pro stock instead of retail, there are those pro stocks that are remakes of older style racquets like the pt57a, pt10 etc and then there are TGK 238.5's etc that are lighter than the retail version but similar flex, then there are the custom layups of the retail stick like the 231.3 that has a different string pattern and different flex? Then there are some pro stocks that just don't exist at all retail, like the Grigor Dimitrov 93?

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