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Originally Posted by PCXL-Fan View Post
Davydenko's wrist injury cost him.

Peak performance davydenko is better.
Davyd has 2 RG semis and 2 RG quarters. In 2005 Davydenko had a 5 set thriller Semi that went down to the wire vs Puerta.

David has 1 RG semi and 1 RG quarter.

So in the end they are about equal on clay.
Davy's change in racquet from Prince to Dunlop didn't help him either. You could see the loss in confidence and its slowly recovered when he went back to his original racquet but he's slightly off on the timing.

Too bad, in his prime Davy was such a great striker of the ball...

Ferrer does a nice job of hitting on the rise especially on the cross court backhand. Would love to see him hit it flatter on the down the line like Novak and attack more...

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