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Originally Posted by dimeaxe View Post
Beijing is faster than Tokyo, lemonade
I just found that both tournament resurfaced the courts last year, so I'm actually not so sure how the court speed has changed. Though until 2010 (Nole didn't play Beijing last year) Tokyo was known as one of the fastest courts on the calendar and apparently Nole felt comfortable on Beijing courts.

Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Murray was the defending champion in Tokyo which is why he probably chose to play there.
I know he was and I don't think there's anything strange there. What I'm saying is if you look up their tournament history, one has played both and the other just one. So assuming the reason that the latter player chose the only tournament that he's played before, and not only that but won the title two times in a row, again was mainly to avoid a certain player sounds less plausible. That's it.

Djokovic wasn't defending champion in Beijing. He won it in '09 and '10 but didn't play it last year. Berdych won it last year but interestingly chose not to defend his title and played in Tokyo instead.
Again I know and mean it 'effectively'. He may not be technically the defending champion but the tournament organizers and the crowd treated him like one and he also seemed to consider himself that way. IMO, it mattered when he made the decision.

He is 2-3 v Murray in match-ups this year, 8-7 overall.
Back then (July 9th), the last match between the two was Miami final and he was leading the match-up by 2-1 in this season.

You seemed to misunderstand my comment greatly. As I said with 'nor vice versa', I really don't think either of them cared about which tournament the other boy entered. Simply there was no clear motivation to do that at that point and both choices looked equally logical to me.

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