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Originally Posted by Spokewench View Post
Oh my God, am I out of touch or what? Roforot, you must be really young if you believe face to face means Facebook? Wow, really!

Face to face means talking to someone not some social media network on the computer!
No, but I think Facebook and it's ilk are replacing "Face to face" contact.

Have you ever been w/ a group of people where someone's texting someone else. Sometimes, they're having a text or virtual conversation w/ someone in the same room... I always thought it was odd and rude to be honest, but then I only use my phone or text out of necessity. Still you have to recognize that things have shifted to include virtual contacts. Cindy's friends may know that she ****ed off at them, but it's another matter if they're outed on Fbook!

In fact, I wonder if any of them are members of talktennis...
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