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Originally Posted by Justin-JP View Post
A 16 x 15 pattern is nothing like a spaghetti string setup; I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion.

The less crosses the less friction, allowing the mains to move more freely. That's it, nothing too exciting or radical about that. If you've ever used a Wilson 95 16 x 18, you will know how lively and unpredictable that string bed can be; now take away three more crosses and you get a little more potential spin and even less consistent response from the string bed. Not something I'd be jumping to try and it's not like these patterns don't already exist, more or less.

Wilson are in the business of selling rackets, this is what they do and this how they hype the market. Obviously you fell for it and almost see this gimmick as an evolutionary jump similar to graphite or poly.
I'm jumping to try.

My vortex has 14x15 and I love it. But what's intriguing about the Wilson is its 16x15 .....less cross strings ......this allows the mains to move more freely and "snap" back at the ball.....sounds really cool.
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