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So what is the hot topic of argument today? Whether the across motion of the swing at impact time causes side spin or is it something else?

There are two ways to create side spin. You can go under or over the ball. I assume over the ball is being discussed here.

As the racket moves across the ball during the swing at impact, if there is a tangential component of impact on the lower left of the ball as the strings move upwards (for a rightie), side spin will be generated and the ball moves to the right after the bounce.

Cheetah does that very well.

On the other hand, if the contact is on the lower right of the ball as the racket moves across during the swing and impact, it will be conventional topspin and the ball will move to the left after the bounce. That is also is side spin, but it is "expected."

I think many inside out forehands have side spin.

It is very rare at the club level to find someone hitting side spin, other than by mistake.

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