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Very few seem to consider Margaret Court the GOAT, rightly or wrongly. It is pretty evident though from commentators, writers, and various fans why she isnt. That is because 11 of her slam titles came at the Australian Open which back then, especialy for women, was often a depleted event with sparse fields. For instance Margaret Court won only 3 Wimbledons and 5 U.S Opens, yet 11 Australian Opens. All 3 events were played on grass to the differential really stands out. Margaret Court won 4 of her Australian Open finals over Jan Lehane, one by a walkover, one by a retirement, one over Lesley Turner a clay court specialist who would never be in a major grass final anywhere else, and one over Kerry Melville whose only ever slam win was an Australian Open (again with virtually all absent and Court now retired) in 77. She has a Grand Slam but so do Steffi Graf and Maureen Connolly, and Graf is who most rate as the GOAT anyway it seems. Martina Navratilova who many also rate as the female GOAT won 6 slams in a row which some rate as valuable as the true Grand Slam. With 3 Wimbledons only on her best surface though, and a weaker Wimbledon record than the clay GOAT Chris Evert, she is not likely to have alot of backing as the GOAT.
It's important to remember that she didn't play hardly at all in 1967, '72 and '74 as she was having children. A lot of that time were her peak years. Was still able to come back and win grand slams.
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