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Here is the deal: I started filming the video's while warming up so yes a lot of them are warm up serves. Anyhow that is not the point. LEE D I can assure you I am not lazy. If I was lazy would I video serves and then ask for feedback about how to get better? I am willing and open to learning and using the knowledge I get to make my serve better (excluding changing my ball toss). So here is the back drop on me. I played a fairly high level of tennis until the age of 20 and I am now 33. I picked up a tennis racquet for the first time since the age of 20 back in March of the current year. I have moved to a new city and tennis is HUGE here and I am trying to get my game back. I appreciate more than y'all know about all of your insight and feedback and I am looking forward to posting more video's of me trying to improve.
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