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I just had to deal with some major gamesmanship today. 90% of the people I come across here are so nice and friendly and seem to play to get better. But once in a while you come across a douch e bag who will do anything to get a win.

The person I was playing today was using all forms of gamesmanship. He seemed to deliberately make me wait minutes at a time in between my serves to begin with. Any ball near the line = out. At some point he was calling lobs that I hit without even looking back!!! What the heck... the worst was how he constantly yelled c'mon in the middle of the point and when I told him that's hindrance the guy starts swearing off about how he is not saying c'mon and that's just how his grunts sound...

That's blatantly lying to my face unless I am deaf. Anyway, I absolutely don't know how to deal with people like this and really let it effect my game. This is something I obviously need to work on. But it's very hard to because usually when you find a cheater like this, you never play with them again.

I come across people like this about 20% of the time in tournaments and for some reason I react to it by simply not even wanting to play this person anymore and I just want to get off the court ASAP. I want to change this attitude of mine and feed off this and motivate myself to play better but it never seems to work. I get motivated for a few points but then after having to constantly wait in between my serves I just completely lose motivation again.

I really can't be letting stuff like that bother me so much and just focus on my game but I have been finding it ridiculously difficult to do. In my mind I am always thinking this is just a 4.5 match, people are supposed to be playing to enjoy the game and improve. It's not like we are pros playing for money... I just can't seem to understand the need to win at any cost at this level.
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