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Default WANTED: Head Youtek Radical Pro (NON-IG)

Hey all,

Looking for another Head Youtek Radical Pro to complete what I need. I am looking for one in less then perfect shape as my budget is pretty low right now. (It's amazing, I have so much on TW credit, but they refuse to ship Head out of Canada, silly Head policies.)

Anywho, as long as it's playable, that works for me. I'm only looking to spend around 70$, including shipping to Canada. If you're able to make that work, then please let me know. ASAP would be great as my indoor season is starting up soon. I have stellar references on here as well, feel free to check them out! Grip size 4 1/2 please!!!

Thanks so much everyone, hope to hear from you. Please message me through my profile for the fastest contact. (If the price is right, I can send money as early as tomorrow night!) I have


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