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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Instead of DJ, or Tsonga, a better model to follow might be a WTA player.
The men are just too strong, face really hard hit hard spin balls.
Your son is facing another junior his age, and his strength is not nearly ATP level, but closer to WTA levels. As such, the long takeback is fine, needed to generate power, and only a concern if he's always late to meet the ball.,
You are right that the form shown by Djok adapts better to pace and spin; Also return of serve, hitting on the run, etc.

But note there are many juniors, boys and girls, that hit with this more kinetically optimized form typical on the ATP today. But in my opinion, it's more about technique and kinetic efficiency than strength. Men don't hit this way because it takes more strength, they hit this way because it's the best use of strength.

But I will grant you that one reason that so many juniors struggle with this is that they are using rackets that are out of proportion to what men use. I suspect I'd have trouble trying to hit properly if I used a 35" inch racket, just like a small kid will struggle with a 27". But I really feel that if you are using a racket that is close to the right size proportionally, then the "right side" technique can be learned regardless of size or gender.
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