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I am very much open to listening and I really do appreciate the advice. I never knew I had such a high toss until well today. When I looked at the video's again I do see a higher toss then I would have anticipated, actually much higher. I recently switched racquets (within the last 2 weeks) to the Wilson BLX BLADE tour from the Babolat PSLTD 2009 version. I guess since I hit so many serves over the summer with the PSTLD that I somehow found a way to compensate for my high toss. I have been double faulting some with the Blade and hardly ever double faulted with the PSLTD. The main reason that I posted the video is because of the double faulting but looks like there was a reason and it was not just the racquet haha. Even those serves in the video were taken while warming up they are pretty much the same as I would hit in a match. When I do chase after the toss going into the court ( usually by accident) I do hit a flat serve that does not get returned very often. Sp is the overall consensus that I take a foot off the toss and throw further in the court?
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