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Default On the forehand: Early take back vs. continuous loop


Okay, so here's pretty definitive proof that Fed holds racquet at chest and then begins the stroke.

This video, however, shows Serena taking the racquet back and waiting.

So, basically, I guess the answer is it doesn't matter?

Obviously Federer has the better forehand, but is Serena's easier to copy for mortals?


A forehand with a continuous loop gives you a lot more topspin. By continuous loop, I mean the take back is a loop, and it flows right into the stroke, almost like the arm is making a circle. This is a pretty commonly given piece of advice.

Another piece of advice that is given frequently is to have early preparation. That is usually described as getting body into a coiled position and have the racket back.

something like this

So, the two pieces of advice seem kind of conflicting. How can you be coiled with the racket back as early as possible AND make the loop continuous. You have to wait for the ball to be close enough to make the loop.

Can anyone shed light on this?

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