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I've been working on my fitness now for a few months. I'm much more fit than before, but I think I've been doing to many short sprints. I've mostly been running approx 100 yard sprints for 20 minutes. I have mixed in some 5ks. Maybe 1 every 2 weeks or so. Typically finish in 25 min, and once finished at 24:37, my best time.

I hadn't ran into a tough 3 set match to really test myself until this past sat. My opponent was a great grinder. In typical fashion I started out fast and got up 5-0. He seemed to settle down and was reading and anticipating my serves and ground strokes better. Held on to win the first set 6-3 but the points were getting very long.

By the end of the 2nd set. I was gassed. I actually tanked he last 2 games by just slicing everything to save energy for the 3rd set. I made a decent push in he third by serving and volleying just to shorten points but after close to 3 hours I was wasted and lost IMO to an inferior opponent tennis skill wise.

It was pretty depressing for his to happen again. Looking back I actually did do better than I normally do on a Saturday, but it wasn't quite as hot as the summer.

So I'm changing my strategy. Gonna be doing more 400s and I'm thinking of trying one of those running books with workouts designed to improve 5 k times.

PS. I had a headache which lasted until midday Sunday despite pounding Advil all day and drinking tons of water.
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