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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
Dear Clarky (didn't want to quote you again),
just love your wording (Car Humper, lol, hilarious). However we disagree here and that's it. You are still my imaginary internet gf. just can't help it as I like your style.

I said tennis is not a popularity contest to me but if you think it is that's fine with me. Rafa is as popular as Roger if we judge their popularity based on Facebook. They both have around 10 million followers on FB. I think both ****/Mandy have around 3 millions or something like that.

To me the most fascinating rivalry in tennis history is JMac/Borg, but again that's just my personal opinion/preference as most of Fed/Rafa matches have been very one sided (except indoors). We'll see what future brings. Some new kids will show up (hopefully soon) and we'll start all over again.
Indoors have been one-sided too
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