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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Forget me, even though you are a bitter person, just look at Sampras at 85, or Fed at 90, these two dominated the 90's and 2000's with small head sizes and were considered "Shot Makers" combared to their contempories.

So please keep that ignorant crap to yourselfs, you look rediculous.
This coming from a guy who self-proclaims a 5.0, when in reality is a 3.0.

To be honest OP, if you want, get one and keep it around to hit with, and it can be a collectors item as well. I mean if you hit with it and like it then play with it. But it is a damn hard racquet to play with if you are not fit well with it. The only way I can hit with one of these, or even one of the 90 sq. in. racquets is when I am fully warmed up, and everything is going well in my game.

After having gone to modern tech, I do not look to go back, especially on a Wilson midsize (sweetspot the size of my fist, lol). This is a very challenging racquet, it has one of the best feels off a clean hit out there, but you will be framing the ball just as much.
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