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This black magic just wont quit making me pay attention to it. Right when. I am about to settle on the polybreak, the bm has delivered. I am really impressed with the control. The feel is not crisp like the polybreak but the ball feel is still there and the stick just pockets so well.

The extended playtext continues,but my consistency has gone way up as of late. I think some of it has to do with how i have really gotten a lot more power just by making contact in front so much more often. Im swinging very easy and getting a lot of pop just because of this. Its pretty nice to hit this relaxed and rarely every try and hit big and yet still have a lot of power. this has made me crave more control and the black magic instantly delivers there.

Anyway, real relaxed swings and clean contact out in front ..definitley a pleasurable tennis experience when you hit like this. I am moving around a lot better as well and giving myself the extra bit of time needed to get prepped. Just good stuff in general to work on.

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