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Default Return for Misaligned Pallet?

I purchased a Wilson BLX Pro Tour earlier this year from TW.

I discovered that the pallet is misaligned - i.e., it is rotated approximately 2 degrees along the long axis. You can see this defect when the butt cap is removed by looking at the end to see that the wide flat bevel of the foam plastic pallet is not parallel to the flat surface of the graphite shaft.

This defect makes it so that forehands and forehand volleys leave the racquet at a higher trajectory than expected, while backhands and backhand volleys come off the racquet at a lower trajectory than expected, and serves go lower and further left than expected. Since it is very difficult to compensate for this defect, I can't really use the racquet for competition (and I think it would be difficult to sand down the pallet to make it better aligned with the shaft).

Can I return this frame for a refund? I don't have a physical receipt, but I can probably track down the emailed purchase confirmation.
BLX Blade 98. 26.75". 13.195 oz., 12.55", 357 SW. 16x20 (outer mains skipped)
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