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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Just a thought, but before you commit to upgading (mind you, I'm not saying you shouldn't) you might want to figure out where you're losing most of your time. A lot of people lose considerable time when doing crosses. Even with a dropweight you should be able to string a racquet in 45 min without feeling you're maxed out effort-wise.

If you're looking to upgrade simply because you want the ease of use/convenience a crank affords you compared to a dropweight, that's fine, too. I guess what I'm saying is be sure you're making the change for the right reasons. Be a bummer to get a crank and discover that you're only saving 5 minutes because you didn't realize you were losing time in other areas.
This. I have a similar machine, older model, and I sometimes have 0 racquets and sometimes 4 or 5 in a day. Just work on timing, currently, I can string any racquet, any pattern in about an hr. while watching TV or something. IF I were to go for time, it would be for 45 mins a racquet or so. The others are definitely faster and easier to use, but ask yourself, will you be getting that money you invest on an upgrade back fast? And is it worth it?
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