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Originally Posted by Peppershaker View Post
Probably because I didn't know better at first but in the 3 years I've been stringing have probably strung up at least a half-dozen broken frames. Many came to me from people who were turned down elsewhere but wanted to keep their favorite racquets. Have always stated can't guarantee anything, but then also offered to just charge them for the strings. Some I caught as I cleaned them prior to stringing. In these cases I will take a couple of photos send them and explain the risk and offered to try at the cost of the strings only.

Have had some crack further, but none ever broke. Some the individuals used for many weeks, some are still playing, and a couple I've restrung more than once. I will probably continue, but taping the frames and maybe some safety googles over my glasses may be a good idea.

Has anyone ever actually had a racquet fly into pieces? Can see one breaking or cracking, but shattering into pieces?
i've had 2 rackets crack but never shatter during hitting. a pog mid and a pk 5g. both just cracked when i hit a forehand and when they cracked, they both made a horribly loud snapping sound.

i'm surprised your clients continue to play w/ the cracked sticks. both of mine felt gutless after they cracked. no power and very dead feeling.

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