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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
I don't seem to appear contrarian, but look at what you said, "customize it your style of play". Why not customize your style of play to the racket? My now just turned 12 year old son plays a 90 inch head and doesn't miss! It's not because he's better than you, certainly not because he's stronger, but after a month of struggling, he has it dialed in, so much more you can do.

If you insist on a bigger head, just get a large Bab and topspin everything, forget placing shots. I will say this, the K-Factor 95, I have one is great, not what I prefer as I have to "find" the sweetspot, but it's a great racket.

Most of the top line racquets are fine, with exception, in my opinion to the ps 100, it's like it wasn't thought out, the head is floppy, weird, doesn't fit the BLX idea of solid hitting, that's just me.

One last thing, I'm just telling you, people will tell you this and that on this forum, but a 90 makes you find the sweetspot and AIM each time, you may hate it for a month, but trust me you'll love it and improve your game with a smaller head.
Hmm you have a good point about me adjusting to the racquet I think it's time to step out of my comfort zone and start considering head sizes maybe even the Big Bubba! LOL, but back to the 90, I'll try to get a transition racquet first then slowly adjust into the 90 but for now I'll probably just buy the 100. I have an upcoming tournament this nov 1. BTW is the 100 really that bad to you?
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