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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
Is the Tourna Grip Overgrips good? i just ordered the blue XL Overgrip are they absorbent, comfortable and have a nice feel? can someone who uses or knows alot about this overgrip tell me more about ? thanks
I think this is one grip that's almost mandatory to try yourself no matter where you live. Speaking of which, where you live is it typically humid and hot? If so the Original Tournagrip is a glorious overgrip.

SUMMER: In hot/humid weather Tourna absorbs sweat better than any of the 20+ grips I've tried and is less slippery than any other. It's the only grip I use in the summer months.

SPRING, FALL, & WINTER: Tourna can be too rough and cause blisters. In those season I typically switch to other overgrips that are softer since sweating profusely is not typical. If you say play in a place that has low humidity and heat Tourna won't be your go to grip. But if you're in swampy weather it's the only grip I've found that works well.
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