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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
really now ?

that article is a fanboy drooling one. Not what I wrote .....

I LOL'ed at the use of the phrase "true believers"

federer didn't look comfortable until RG 2009 ?

frankly that is a load of cr*p ....

research ? forget research ..... if he had bothered watching a few federer matches RG 2005, 2006,07, he wouldn't be sprouting that sort of BS !

Laver may be the greatest/best of all time, but this article is pretty poor.
You still dazzed and frustrated that Kodes won 2 RG to your beloved Roger 1?
Laver 3 Slams to Roger 0?
Sampras, Borg and Gonzales would laugh at Federer ridiculous opposition forlong and long years while they played strong eras?
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